Sunlove grown
Sunlove grown

Heritage Farmers. Craft Cannabis.

SUNLOVE is a second generation family owned cannabis company from the heart of Southern Humboldt County. Our solar powered organic farm is situated on a pristine ridge in the legendary Mattole appellation, a region renowned for its perfect micro climate to make cannabis thrive. We are committed to producing only the highest quality products while maintaining the utmost respect & stewardship for this land we're blessed to call home.

Generations of Knowledge

Our parents were the actual hippies that arrived in their VW Bus. They were the back to the landers. We are the bi product of that upbringing. The generation raised in cannabis culture. We grew up in a very unique time and place where living off the land, growing our own food and growing pot was just a way of life. For us it has never been wrong. We believe that this sacred plant is put on earth to heal, so providing clean cannabis to the people, grown with intention and love is something we take great pride in.


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